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The Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Departments in the Prosecutor’s Office

Department II (Special Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption)

Department II (Special Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption)

Special Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption (Special Department II) was established with the forming of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Prosecutor’s Office of BiH) in 2003, when the Department consisted of only International Prosecutors, who were given authority pursuant  to then adopted amendments to the Law on the Prosecutor’s Office BiH.

Following that, the Department gradually included national Prosecutors, legal officers and other required staff.

As of the end of 2010 the Department is fully composed of national Prosecutors, and from 2011 only domestic employees work in the Department.  

Prosecution of perpetrators of criminal offenses related to organized crime, economic crime and corruption is within the jurisdiction of the Special Department II in accordance with the laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as prosecution of terrorism and unlawful joining of BiH citizens to foreign paramilitary or para-police formations, in accordance with the amendments to the Criminal Code of BiH of June 2014. As of that date the joining of BiH citizens to foreign formations and their participation in foreign battlefields is defined as a criminal offense.

The jurisdiction of the Special Department includes criminal offenses of corruption  related to employees in the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina; economic and financial crime, including the criminal offenses of tax evasion, smuggling, customs fraud and money laundering as well as criminal offenses of organized crime, which include but are not limited to,  criminal offenses of international drug trafficking, trafficking  in persons and similar criminal offences stipulated by the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In order to conduct investigations more efficiently the operations of Special Department are based on the functioning of sections which consist of one or more Prosecutors, legal officers, investigators and administrative staff. Prosecutors and their associates prosecute criminal offenses of corruption, terrorism, economic and financial crime and organized crime, within their sections and within the scope of their investigations, and cooperate closely with relevant teams of various law enforcement agencies in accordance with the type of the case they are working on. 

The Special Department includes more than 20 Prosecutors working in full of partial capacity (some of the Prosecutors act on cases of other Departments).

Sections in the Special Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption:

Section for Organized Crime and Trafficking in Persons

Section for Economic Crime

Section for Corruption

Section for Terrorism

In cases where during the course of the investigation a number of persons are deprived of of liberty (an organized crime group in accordance with Article 1(20) of the Criminal Code of BiH) two or more Prosecutors and their associates may work together, with the aim of an efficient, timely and lawful completion of the investigation.

The jurisdiction of the Special Department includes, inter alia, the following cases:

- All cases of organized crime and organized economic crime within the jurisdiction of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH

- Cases related to criminal offense of Terrorism under Article 201 of the CC BiH and cases of criminal offense of Financing Terrorist Activities under Article 202 of the CC BiH.

- Cases related to criminal offences of Trafficking in Persons under Article 186 of the CC BiH and Smuggling of Persons under Article 189 of the CC BiH, when cases involve 10 or more smuggled persons or victims of trafficking or in cases involving extremely aggravating or special circumstances

- Cases concerning criminal offenses against the economy and unity of the market, and criminal offenses concerning customs listed in Chapter XVIII

- Criminal offenses of corruption of senior officials of Bosnia and Herzegovina and responsible persons holding the highest positions in companies and other legal entities

- Cases concerning illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and drug trafficking with international elements

- Cases related to other crimes, in particular cases of criminal offenses against the economy and payment operations and criminal offenses committed by an official or authorized person when the prosecution is of particular importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina, due to the circumstances or the manner in which the offense was carried out, and a decision that shall be made by the Chief Prosecutor in consultation with the Head of the Special Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption.

The Head of the Special Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption is Prosecutor Bozo Mihajlović, who is also the Deputy Chief Prosecutor.




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