16.04.2013. 15:16

The accused Cvjetko MIŠIĆ AKA „Cvele“ or „Cekija“ – born on November 30, 1987 in Tuzla, residing in Pelagićevo, BiH citizen - charged with the criminal offense of Smuggling of People under Article 189, Paragraph 1 of the CC BiH in conjunction with Article 29 of the CC BiH, concluded a plea agreement.

Pursuant to the Agreement the Prosecutor proposed that the accused Cvjetko MIŠIĆ be rendered an imprisonment sentence in duration of one (1) year by the Court of BiH that shall not be executed providing that he does not commit another criminal offense within the next 4 years.

By virtue of signing the agreement the accused fully admitted committing the criminal offense he was charged with by the indictment of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

He is charged with participating in the transfer of foreign citizens across the state border outside of a designated border crossing where it is not allowed to cross the border.

The proposed sentence is in line with the role of the accused in commission of the criminal offense.

By signing the agreement the accused has pledged to testify before the Court of BiH when summoned.

With this agreement the accused confirms that he is aware of the content of the indictment issued by the BiH Prosecutor's Office on December 28, 2012. He also confirms that the plea statement was given voluntarily, knowingly, with full understanding and undertakes to reimburse the costs of the procedure that may eventually be determined by the Court of BiH.

Pursuant to this agreement the accused has waived his right to a trial and appeal to the criminal sanction that shall be rendered to him by the Court of BiH.

The agreement was submitted to the Court of BiH.