27.11.2012. 15:09

Prosecutor of the Department III has filed an Indictment against Damir Merdić aka “Dado”, born on 09 November 1971 in Tuzla where he also resides, citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, charged with the commission of the criminal offense of Impermissible Use of Copyrights, as referred to in Article 243(1) of the Criminal Code of BiH, all in conjunction with the Law on Copyright and Related Rights in BiH.  

The Indictment charges Damir Merdić with keeping on a separate business premises of his shop in Tuzla 786 electronic photocopies and 342 printed photocopies of university textbooks and books, on 09 June 2011, for the purpose of their distribution without the authorization of the author or other holder of copyright, or the person entitled to give authorization. Using the appropriate computer and other equipment, the accused was previously multiplying the aforementioned works of an author.


The Indictment has been submitted for confirmation to the Court of BiH.