10.07.2012. 13:08

The accused Miroslav LAZAREVIĆ, born on August 1, 1984 in Sarajevo, concluded an agreement on admission of guilt, within the scope of a case vs. several persons who were accused of organized crime related to a large number of car thefts committed in the area of BiH following the completion of an operation codenamed „Kamen“ (stone).

By virtue of the plea agreement the accused has pledged to testify before the court against the other accused persons in this case when summoned by the Prosecutor's Office and the Court of BiH.

The accused fully admitted committing the criminal offense of Organized Crime in conjunction with the criminal offences of Accessory After the Fact, Aggravated Theft and Incitement.

The Prosecutor's Office of BiH  agrees that pursuant to the agreement the accused Miroslav LAZAREVIĆ be rendered an imprisonment sentence in the duration of one year and six months that shall not be executed providing that the suspect does not commit another criminal offence within the period of three years, by the Court of BiH.

The proposed sentence is in line with the role of the accused in commission of the criminal offense.

Pursuant to this agreement the accused has waived his right to a trial and appeal to the criminal sanction that shall be rendered to him by the Court of BiH.

Conclusion of this agreement shall assist in the processing of a significant number of persons indicted of organized crime in relation to a large number of car thefts committed in several towns in BiH.

The agreement was submitted to the Court of BiH.