31.05.2012. 15:38

Prosecutor of the Department III of the Prosecutor's Office of BiH has filed an Indictment against Ivan Odak, aka Kaša, born on 28 July 1959 in Čitluk Municipality where he also resides, citizen of BiH.

As alleged in the Indictment, throughout the year of 2009, Odak, in his capacity of  an Executive Director and responsible person of a company from Čitluk, avoided measures of customs control, which is in violation of the applicable legal provisions on customs policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and declared to the BiH customs authority only a part of goods which was in the terrain vehicle and for which the duties were collected in accordance with regular procedure.

The Indictment charges Odak with performing illegal activities to avoid paying import taxes, since, apart from the declared goods that was on seven occasions transported across the customs line at the Kamensko border crossing from the Republic of Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the terrain vehicle contained another 19,200 kilograms of roasted coffee with the total value of 736,017.94 KM, which was not declared to the customs authority.

In this manner, by avoiding measures of customs control, this accused person moved across the customs line goods of which import demands special approval, whereby he committed  the criminal offense of Smuggling of Goods, as referred to in Article 214(1) of the Criminal Code of BiH.

The Indictment has been submitted for confirmation to the Court of BiH.