20.03.2012. 14:54

Prosecutor of the Special Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption within the Prosecutor's Office of BiH issued an indictment against the following persons:

1.     R.M., born on the June 3,1964 in Bijeljina, where he resides, a citizen of BiH,

2.     M. Đ. born on July 12, 1963 in Kakanj, residing in Derventa, citizen of BiH, and

3.     Ć.P. born on May 3, 1948 in Derventa where he resides, citizen of BiH.

The indictment charges R.M. M.F. and Ć.P. to have in late 2007, as members of an organized group that was formed with the aim of acquiring unlawful material gain and within its activities, acted jointly with other members of the same group and participated in the preparation and execution of illegal transfer of a group of seven citizens of the Republic of Serbia of Kosovo origin who did not meet the conditions for crossing the border, across the state borders of the Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim of their further illegal transfer to the countries of Western Europe, all for financial compensation - for personal gain.

They are alleged to have committed the criminal offense of Smuggling of Persons under Article 189, Paragraph 1 in concurrence with the criminal offense of Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Offenses under Article 249, Paragraph 2 of the CC BiH, all in conjunction with Article 53 of the same Code.

The indictment was forwarded to the Court of BiH for confirmation.