23.02.2012. 15:13

The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH has filed an Additional Indictment against Pero Vincetić, charged of the criminal offense of War Crimes against Civilians, as referred to in Article 173(1)(c) and e), as read with Article 180 (1) and (2) of the Criminal Code of BiH.

Prosecutor of the Special Department for War Crimes of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office has filed an Indictment against Pero Vincetić aka “Konj”, born on 12 April 1968 in Orašje Municipality where he also resides, citizen of both BiH and the Republic of Croatia. This Accused has changed his identity, and is therefore also known as Marco Vidović.

This second Indictment against Pero Vincetić charges him with two additional counts of participation in rape, unlawful imprisonment and looting of civilians on the territory of Orašje Municipality, in May 1992. 

The Accused is charged with acting in violation of the Geneva Convention  Relative to the Protection of Civilians in Time of War, dated 12 August 1949, during the armed conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the territory of Orašje Municipality, in his capacity of the HVO member and Commander of the Fifth Batallion of Posavina-Orašje Military Police within 106th HVO Orašje Brigade.

The Indictment charges Vincetić with participating together with unidentified HVO members in an unlawful deprivation of liberty and unlawful detention of a civilian, as well as physical abuse of the civilian in a house in Donja Mahala which was the seat of the Military Police Command. Several days after this incident, the Accused transferred the victim from that house to the premises of the Primary School in Donja Mahala where Serb civilians and war prisoners were detained; there, he kept him unlawfully detained until the end of June 1992.

As alleged in the Indictment, on the very same night, the Accused Pero Vincetić personally participated in a repeated rape of one person, and made possible for his subordinate officer to do the same. Subsequently, in the morning, the Accused forced the aforementioned person to reveal to him where her gold jewelry and money were, which she did; after that, they took her back to the house in which she resided, threatening her that she must not tell anyone what happened to her.

The Indictment has been forwarded to the Court of BiH for confirmation.