About PO BiH

Message of the Chief Prosecutor

Dear citizens,

By being appointed to the position of Chief Prosecutor, I was entrusted with the authority and the responsibility of leading the most numerous prosecutorial institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Being at the head of an institution that has 56 prosecutors and a total of about 250 employees requires a serious and systematic approach, a professional attitude towards the institution and colleagues, as well as development of cooperation with partner police and security agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad with whom this institution, by the nature of its operations,  works together, cooperates and maintains synergy in the establishment of the rule of law in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After taking over the leadership of the institution, my first steps were to analyze the current situation, and find opportunities to improve the work and results achieved by the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with partner police and security agencies.

With our efforts, we will try to improve the efficiency in prosecution of cases in both Departments of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office, the Special Department for War Crimes and the Special Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption, and to achieve the best possible results in which we expect the support of the public and citizens.

Strengthening the rule of law, efficient prosecution of all forms of illegalities within the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina jurisdiction, as well as creating a safe environment for the life of all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will certainly be priorities in my future work.
We will also work on strengthening regional and international cooperation in the fight against all forms of cross-border and international crime, as well as on activities related to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s European integration.

Our mission and goal is the rule of law and legal security for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and participation in the development of a judicial community within which the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina operates, which will meet all the conditions and standards of a country on its way to membership in the European Union.

On this path, we certainly count on the assistance of partner police and security institutions, institutions of the executive and legislative authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, international organizations and the non-governmental sector, but above all we need the support of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina in our efforts and activities so that the Prosecutor’s Office can operate in full capacity in carrying out activities within its competence, and for the benefit of all citizens of our country.


Milanko Kajganić
Chief Prosecutor
Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina