02.10.2012. 15:30

The accused persons: Slavko Davidović and Stipe Pravdić concluded agreements on admission of guilt for the committed criminal offense of Organized Crime under Article 250, Paragraph 2 and 4 of the Criminal Code of BiH, in conjunction with the criminal offense of Illicit Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs under Article 195, Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of BiH.

The following accused persons entered into plea agreements with the Prosecutor of the Special Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption within the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH:

-        Slavko Davidović, born on May 9, 1982 in Nikšić where he resides, citizen of the Republic of Montenegro, and

-        Stipe Pravdić, born on October 9, 1978 in Visoko, residing in Kiseljak, citizen of BiH and the Republic of Croatia.

By virtue of signing the agreement the accused persons fully admitted committing the criminal offense they were charged with by the indictment of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH issued on May 4, 2012 and confirmed by the pre-trial judge of the Court of BiH on May 11, 2012.

The prosecutor and the defense agree that pursuant to the agreement the accused Slavko DAVIDOVIĆ be rendered an imprisonment sentence of one (1) year and six (6) months and the accused Stipe PRAVDIĆ an imprisonment sentence of one (1) year by the Court of BiH as well as that the time spent in custody be counted as time served. The agreement also provides for a security measure - forfeiture of items used or intended for use in a criminal offense as well as proceeds of crime.

The proposed sentence is in line with the role of the accused persons in commission of the criminal offense listed in the indictment of the Danijel OROZ et al. case

By virtue of the plea agreements the accused persons have also pledged to testify on all facts they are familiar with in this case as well as all perpetrators, co-perpetrators and accomplices in commission of the criminal offense that they are aware of and have possibly participated themselves.

With this agreement the accused persons confirm that they are aware of the content of the indictment issued by the BiH Prosecutor's Office. They also confirm that the plea statements were given voluntarily, knowingly, with full understanding and without any coercion or persuasion and undertake to reimburse the costs of the criminal proceedings in the amount that may eventually be determined by the Court of BiH

Pursuant to this agreement the accused persons have waived their right to a trial and appeal to the criminal sanction that shall be rendered to them by the Court of BiH.

The agreements were submitted to the Court of BiH.