11.07.2012. 12:59

The Prosecutor's Office of BiH issued an indictment against Nan WANG, who is charged to have committed the criminal offense of Tax Evasion or Fraud under Article 210, Paragraph 1of the Criminal Code of BiH.

Prosecutor of Department III within the Prosecutor's Office of BiH issued an indictment against Nan WANG AKA "Nancy", born on September 6, 1976 in Shandong in the People's Republic of China, residing in Sarajevo, citizen of the People's Republic of China.

The accused Nan WANG is charged to have, as the director and the responsible person of a company based in Sarajevo as well as a VAT payer, failed to indicate a part of the gross retail turnover in the amount of 207,635.51 KM (BAM) in the bookkeeping records and to have provided false information about the taxable income, instead.

The indictment alleges that, in this way, the accused did not present in the accounting records or the VAT report the achieved turnover for the month of August 2006 but has instead. on September 11, 2006, filed a VAT report with false information for the month of August, which did not indicate the aforementioned turnover i.e. the true amount of the value added tax 30,169.23 KM (BAM) which is the amount of the damage caused to the budget of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The indictment was forwarded to the Court of BiH for confirmation.